December 1st ` 5th, 2010, 11am-6pm

uThe Galleriavin NYC

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"Ryu01"Tension of coexistence.
by Masami Esaka (b. 1964)
Two-fold screen
Mixed media on Japanese paper
59.06~47.24 inch


"Ryu02" Purifying the air
by Masami Esaka (b. 1964)
Hanging scroll
Mixed media on Japanese paper
62.99~35.43 inch



"Ryu03" Breaking the cloud
by Masami Esaka (b. 1964)
Hanging scroll tryptich
Mixed media on Japanese paper
102.36~129.92 inch


Artistfs Statement


Things you can see are easy to notice. Things you canft - such as air pollution -are not.


My work is to open peoplefs eyes to such invisible things, through a fusion of all elements - creatures, plants and even the air. Ifve called this Ryu-Art.


It takes its inspiration from Ryu-supreme messengers that exist between Nature and the gods to protect all creatures. For the Japanese, Ryu are considered a gods of water and symbol of the sky. I have loved this character since childhood, and came to realise that it was the perfect image for my art.


The images I have created show Ryu climbing toward the sky and breaking through the polluted air to seize purity above. They show two struggling Ryu, losing their way in the murkiness, and Ryu, living above the polluted atmosphere, despairing at the environmental destruction below.

Masami Esaka



I have long worked with illustrations of animals and nature. I see it as my life mission. I have visited African Savanna to see the destruction of the ecosystem with my own eyes and, nearer to my home, witnessed the damage being wrought on coral in Okinawa, Even now photographing the sky it is plain to see that pollution is everywhere. It was at that point that I determined to create work that would highlight the danger in destroying a Nature that we could never recreate.

 2010 Masami Esaka